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Supporting Materials
Authorize The Chief Real Estate Agent To Execute The Sales And Purchase Agreement And Easement Deeds, On Behalf Of The Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District, To Sign Other Ancillary Documents, And To Do And Perform Everything Necessary To Carry Out The Purpose Of The Resolution Which Will Enable Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency To Operate And Maintain Their Flood Control Works (APNs: 119-0020-039, 119-0080-001 & 002, 119-0090-004, 012 & 014, and 119-0190-015, 020 & 029) (D. Nottoli)
PDF Document  1210 BDL-SAFCA SRCSD Board Letter.doc
PDF Document  1210 RES-SAFCA SRCSD-Resolution.doc
PDF Document  1210 AGR-SAFCA SRCSD-Sales and Purchase Agreement.pdf
PDF Document  1210 ATT1-SAFCA SRCSD-Flood Control Works Easement.pdf
PDF Document  1210 ATT2-SAFCA SRCSD-Temporary Construction Easement.pdf
PDF Document  1210 EXH1-SAFCA SRCSD-Project Vicinity Map.pdf
PDF Document  1210 EXH2-SAFCA SRCSD-Property Location Map.pdf
PDF Document  #9 - Executed Material.pdf
PDF Document  Executed Contract.pdf