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Supporting Materials
Approve The Conveyance Of Real Property Rights To Sacramento Regional Transit District And Authorize The District Engineer To Execute A Purchase And Sale Agreement And Grant Of Easements For The South Sacramento Corridor Phase 2 Project Area Within The Northerly Portion Of Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Bufferlands (APNs: 119-0080-001, 002, 005, And 023; And 119-0070-029, Portions) (All)
PDF Document  0411 RT PSA BDL.docx
PDF Document  0411 RT PSA VMAP ATT 1.pdf
PDF Document  0411 RT PSA RES ATT 2.pdf
PDF Document  0411 RT PSA AGR ATT 3.pdf
PDF Document  Executed Material.pdf
PDF Document  Executed Sale and Easememt.pdf