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Supporting Materials
Contract No. 4137, “Upper Northwest Interceptor Sections 1 And 2 Ground Improvement At Zones 3 And 18,” Adopt Resolution For Additional Work Over The Change Order Limit And Approve Change Order No. 1, A Not-To-Exceed Increase Of $105,000, 17 Additional Calendar Days (P. Serna, S. Cohn, D. Fong, R. Fong, B. Pannell, S. Sheedy)
PDF Document  Co. 4137 CCO UNWI BDL.doc
PDF Document  Co. 4137 UNWI ViMAP.pdf
PDF Document  Co. 4137 CCO UNWI RES.doc
PDF Document  Co. 4137 CCO UNWI.pdf
PDF Document  Co.4137 UNWI Justification Summary.doc
PDF Document  Executed Material.pdf