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Supporting Materials
Contract No. 70221, Approve The Fifth Amendment To The Agreement With Synagro Organic Fertilizer Company Of Sacramento For The Biosolids Recycling Facility And Approve The Refinancing Of The Bonds Related To The Facility (All) (5 Minutes) Presenter: Joseph Maestretti, Chief Financial Officer
PDF Document  1 Synagro Capital Lease Refi Fifth Amend BDL 20141022 (4).docx
PDF Document  2 Co. 70221 Synagro CDF ATT A.pdf
PDF Document  3 Synagro Series 2014 Refunding Bonds Reso ATT B.docx
PDF Document  4 Co. 70221 Synagro Fifth Amend ATT C.docx
PDF Document  5 Consent of the District ATT D- Synagro revised 2014-10-07.docx
PDF Document  6 Continuing Disclosure Certificate ATT E - Synagro revised 2014-10-07.docx
PDF Document  Item No. 3 Executed Material.pdf