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Supporting Materials
Approve The Issuance Of Taxable Refunding Bonds For The Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District (2014B Bonds) (All) (10 Minutes) Presenter: Joseph Maestretti, Chief Financial Officer
PDF Document  1 2014B Bonds Regional San BDL.docx
PDF Document  2 2014B Taxable Bonds Regional San Resolution ATT A.docx
PDF Document  3 2014B Taxable Bonds Authority Resolution ATT B.docx
PDF Document  4 24th Supplemental Installment Purchase Contract.pdf
PDF Document  5 Bond Purchase Agreement.pdf
PDF Document  6 Preliminary Official Statement.pdf
PDF Document  7 11th Supplemental Indenture.pdf
PDF Document  8 Continuing Disclosure Certificate.pdf
PDF Document  Item No. 4 Executed Material.pdf