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Supporting Materials
Contract No. 80000112, Approve The Selection Of And Agreement With HDR Engineers To Provide Engineering Services For The Freeport Septic Conversion Project (L.Carr, D. Nottoli)
PDF Document  1 BDL Co. No 80000112_ps.docx
PDF Document  2 ATT A, CDF, Co. No 80000112.pdf
PDF Document  3 ATT B, Vicinity Map, Co. No 80000112 .pdf
PDF Document  4 ATT C, Consultant Selection Process.xlsx
PDF Document  5 ATT D, Resolution, Co. No 80000112.docx
PDF Document  6 ATT E , Agreement, Co. No 80000112.pdf
PDF Document  Item No. 16 - Executed Material.pdf
PDF Document  Item No. 16 - Executed.pdf