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Supporting Materials
Adopt Amendments To The Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District Consolidated Ordinance (Recognize CEQA Exemption, Introduced The Ordinance, Waived The Full Reading, Advertised A Public Hearing, And Continued Action From December 13, 2017, Item 13) (All) (5 Minutes) Presenter: Christoph Dobson, Director Of Policy And Planning
PDF Document  2 ATT A_Reg San Ord-clean version.docx
PDF Document  3 ATT B_Reg San Ord-redlined.pdf
PDF Document  Item No. 11 - Continued Memo.pdf
PDF Document  01 1-10 -18 BDL_Regional San Ord-Adoption.docx
PDF Document  02 1-10-18 ATT A_Regional San Ordinance - clean version.pdf
PDF Document  03 1-10-18 ATT B_NOE-Regional San.pdf
PDF Document  Proof of Publication SRCSD Ordinance.pdf
PDF Document  Item No. 5 - Executed Material.pdf
PDF Document  Item No. 5 - Proof of Pub.pdf