Dry Creek Parkway Advisory Committee (DCPAC)


Role of Committee and Meeting Procedures


The Dry Creek Parkway Advisory Committee is made up of representatives of local communities such as Rio Linda/Elverta, North Highlands/Antelope, the bicycle community, the equestrian community, etc. Members are appointed by the County of Sacramento Board of Supervisors to advise the County of Sacramento Department of Regional Parks and the Recreation and Park Commission on issues affecting the Dry Creek Parkway and Gibson Ranch.



An agenda item will be presented, sometimes with a guest speaker and sometimes by a committee member or staff member. The chairperson will first recognize committee members who wish to ask questions, and then members of the audience will be able to ask questions and/or comment. The chairperson may limit the time allowed for testimony by persons addressing the Committee.



The committee serves in an advisory capacity to the County of Sacramento Department of Regional Parks and the Recreation and Park Commission. All actions of the Committee are subject to approval by the Board of Supervisors. No action or recommendation of the Committee shall be valid unless it receives a simple majority of the votes. A tie vote is deemed a vote for denial.



Reports prepared for Information ItemsWritten are typically not discussed, unless the Committee decides otherwise.


Information Items Oral includes presentations by staff and other entities and may be discussed by the Committee.


Staff Comments are presented by staff and then discussed by the Committee as needed. COMMITTEE ACTION: The Committee may take action on any item listed on the agenda.


Dry Creek Advisory Committee (DCPAC) AGENDA

Sacramento Northern Train Station and Visitors Center

Wednesday, February 06, 2019 6:30 PM







1. Approve Action Summary from October 2, 2018



2. Election of Chair and Vice Chair






3. GRP Monthly Reports






4. Proposal for Equestrian Mounting Block in Dry Creek Parkway






5. Rio Linda Elverta Recreation and Park District



6. Rio Linda Elverta Historical Society



7. Equestrian Patrol



8. Dry Creek Conservancy



9. Sac Valley Conservancy



10. Rio Linda Elverta Chamber of Commerce



11. North Sacramento Chamber of Commerce



12. CYSA District 6



13. District 4, Member at Large