Sacramento County Fish and Game Commission

Regional Parks Administration

 10361 Rockingham Dr, Ste 100

Sacramento, CA 95827


Thursday                                  June 27, 2019                         6:30 PM

Commissioners:  Lilly Allen, Becky Herz, Dick Barbar, Claudia Goss, Daniel Gonzales


The Recreation and Park Commission welcomes and encourages participation in the Commission meetings. When it appears there are several members of the public wishing to address the Commission on a specific item, at the outset of the item the Chairperson of the Commission will announce the maximum amount of time that will be allowed for presentation of testimony. Matters under the jurisdiction of the Commission and not on the posted agenda may be addressed by the general public under Public Comments. The Commission limits testimony on matters not on the agenda to three minutes per person, and not more than fifteen minutes for a particular subject.


Meeting facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities. Requests for assistive listening devices or other considerations should be made seven working days in advance. Please call the Department of Regional Parks (916) 875-6961.



This meeting has been cancelled.





Next Meeting: Thursday, July 25, 2019, 6:30 p.m.

Location: Regional Parks Administration Building

10361 Rockingham Drive, Suite 100

Sacramento, CA 95827