Wednesday May 02, 2018
5:30 PM, Board Chambers, County Administration Center,

700 H Street, Sacramento, California 95814






Patrick Hume


Kerri Howell


Sue Frost


Phil Serna


Angelique Ashby


Allen Warren


Ron Greenwood


Paul Green Jr


Jack Harrison


Chris Little


Gay Jones


Paul Green Jr


Susan Peters


Phil Serna

CLERK: Diane Thorpe






The public is encouraged to address the Commission concerning any matter not on the Agenda.  Public comments are limited to three minutes.  The Commission is prohibited from discussing or taking any action on any item not appearing on the posted Agenda.






1. Approve the Meeting Minutes of March 7, 2018 (April – canceled)



2. Claims dated thru April 27, 2018



3. Monthly Budget Report






4. Proposed Fiscal Year 2018-19 Budget






5. Requests For Reconsideration: Landowner Initiated Proposed Sphere of Influence Amendments for the City of Elk Grove, Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District & Sacramento Area Sewer District (LAFC #07-15) (CEQA EIR SCH #2016032015)

a. Filed by Suzanne Pecci

b. Filed by Sierra Club, Environmental Council of Sacramento, Habitat 2020, and Friends of the Swainson’s Hawk






6. Item 6 LAFCo Correspondence



7. Sierra Club Correspondence






AGENDA ITEMS:  The Commission may reschedule items on the agenda.  The Commission will generally hear uncontested matters first, followed by discussions of contested matters, and staff announcements in that order.  Anyone who wishes to address the Commission should obtain a form from either the Commission Clerk or from the table located near the entrance of the hearing chamber.


CONDUCT OF HEARINGS:  A contested matter is usually heard as follows:  (1) discussion of the staff report and the environmental document; (2) testimony of proponent; (3) testimony of opponent; (4) Public Testimony (5) rebuttal by proponent; (6) provision of additional clarification by staff as required; (7) close of the public hearing; (8) Commission discussion and Commission vote.


ADDRESSING THE COMMISSION:  Any person who wishes to address the Commission should submit a speaker's request form at the beginning of the meeting; move to the front of the chambers when an item is called; and, when recognized by the chair, state their name, address and affiliation.  Please attempt to make your statements concise and to the point.  It is most helpful if you can cite facts to support your contentions.  Groups of people with similar viewpoints should appoint a spokesperson to represent their views to the Commission.  The Commission appreciates your cooperation in this matter.


PUBLIC COMMENT TIME LIMITS:  The Sacramento Local Agency Formation Commission welcomes and encourages participation in its meetings.  Rules of the Commission provide for the following limitations of discussion:  The Commission will hear public comment prior to the consideration of any item.  (1) a principal proponent will be allowed up to a 5-minute statement; (2) other proponents will be allowed up to 3-minute statement; (3) opponents are allowed up to 3-minute statement with the exception of spokespersons for any group who shall be permitted up to 5-minutes; (4) the principal proponent shall have up to a 3-minute rebuttal; (5) staff will provide clarification, as required.


VOTING:  A quorum consists of four members of the Commission, including any alternate.  No action or recommendation of the Commission is valid unless a majority (4 votes) of the entire membership of the Commission concurs therein.


OFF AGENDA ITEMS:  Matters under the jurisdiction of the Commission, and not on the posted agenda, may be addressed by the general public under “Public Comment From the Floor” on the Agenda.  The Commission limits testimony on matters not on the agenda to three minutes per person and not more than fifteen minutes for a particular subject.  The Commission cannot take action on any unscheduled items.


SPECIAL NEEDS:  Meeting facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities. Requests for assistive listening devices or other considerations should be made 48 hours in advance through the Commission Clerk at (916)874-6458.


AB 745 DISCLOSURES:  The Political Reform Act requires all interested parties to disclose contributions and expenditures for “political purposes” related to proposals for changes of organization or reorganization (annexations, incorporations, etc.,) as well as contributions and expenditures in connection with Conducting Authority protest proceedings.  Such contributions and expenditures must be reported to LAFCo’s Executive Officer to the same extent, and subject to the same requirements, as local initiative measures under the Political Reform Act.  Additional information regarding these requirements can be found on LAFCo’s website at:


STAFF REPORTS:  Staff Reports are available on line at or upon request to Diane Thorpe, Commission Clerk at (916)874-6458.


VIDEO BROADCASTS:  The meeting is videotaped in its entirety and will be cablecast live on Metro Cable channel 14, the government affairs channel on the Comcast, and SureWest Cable Systems and is closed captioned for our hearing impaired viewers. The meeting is webcast live at . The current meeting is broadcast live and will be rebroadcast; check the Metro Cable schedule for dates and times.


Next Meeting: Not Scheduled